What is a makerspace?

Make San Antonio of course! Well, that still doesn’t answer the burning question. The best way to describe a makerspace is a gym for creatives. You become a member of a gym to use unique gym equipment, maybe take a few classes or training, and build your health. A makerspace has the same concept. At a makerspace you’ll become a member to use amazing tools, be able to cultivate your skills with general and advanced classes, maybe even start your own business or help someone else start theirs, but most importantly build your knowledge via the maker mantra of “learning by doing.” A makerspace is a DIY environment where members will be able to, after a familiarization class, use tools and software they would otherwise not be able to afford on their own and have access to a myriad of machines that will help them create anything they could imagine. Makerspaces focus on rapid prototyping and manufacturing, so a few common areas/tools a makerspace would contain would be:

  • Woodworking tools
  • Metalworking tools
  • Textiles
  • Electronics
  • Rapid prototyping (3D Printing, Laser Cutting)

Each makerspace will be unique in what tools they provide for their members but all makerspaces thrive on building a creative community. You can think of a makerspace as a unique entity who is in essence owned by a community of creators. Makerspaces are a unique way for members to engage in a community of supportive individuals who can come together to create amazing things together.