Am I a maker?

Look in the mirror. Is there a reflection?

No? You’re a vampire!
Yes? You’re human, but better yet … you’re a maker!

Even if we don’t know it we all have the maker gene. Putting together IKEA furniture, tinkering with electronics, painting a room, working with wood — these are all maker-inspired hobbies. Sometimes we do them out of necessity or trying to save some hard-earned money, but we always learn something along the way.

What types of tools does Make San Antonio currently have?

We’re constantly adding to our stash but here are the main players:

We currently have a 40w Epilog laser cutter, a Makerbot 3D printer, lots of craft, woodworking, air and automotive tools as well.

When attending a class will I need to take a safety class before I use any of these tools?

We’re all about safety and yes, we’ll force you to take a short intro into the tools we’ll use so you don’t burn your eyebrows off. You may even enjoy it and learn something fun in the process. Intact eyebrows, make a new friend and have fun … win-win-win!

Shut up, and take my money! What kind of classes will be available?

We’re currently working on a class list. We hope to have something for you soon so you can stop throwing things at us. We’d like to offer classes in the following topics (and, more):

  • jewelry making
  • automotive
  • woodworking
  • textiles
  • crafts
  • laser cutting

We’re also open to suggestions so feel free to let us know what you’re interested in.

Can I volunteer?

Of course! We won’t say no to a helping hand. Just contact us and we’ll see if we can put our heads together and find something for you to do.