Knowledge is Power – Francis Bacon

We’ve all heard the phrase quoted, “Knowledge is Power” but in my opinion it’s a bit misleading.  Knowledge is amazing!  Learning is what drives us to become who we are and what we want to be.  Prior to these last two decades however, an individual had to have a formal education in order to gain
what was considered knowledge.  The great thing about learning now is that we’ve seen an emergence of the internet as the great equalizer.  You no longer need to come from a formal education to gain the knowledge needed to get ahead in the world.  Let me clarify, a formal education
is not a bad thing, the more you know, the more opportunities present themselves.  But, this is the first time in human history where we are all on a level playing field when it comes to learning.  The internet isn’t biased and won’t judge whether you’re tall, short, purple, blue, rich or poor… If you have a computer and the internet you’ve got this treasure trove of knowledge available at your fingertips. If you don’t have the internet, take your computer to a local coffee house, they’ll have free internet you can use.  No computer?  Head to your local public library, they’re sure to have one you can borrow.

So lets say we’ve learned everything there is to learn, memorized every single page of the internet, and can recite all of it word for word.  What good is all that knowledge if it’s never experienced or applied?  I’ve seen individuals who have had every privilege in their life but never amounted to more than a glorified chair warmer and individuals who from humble beginnings became millionaires.  What is the difference between the two?  How they applied the knowledge they had gained to better their lives.  “Knowledge is Power” is a great saying, used by many influential people, but not entirely true in this new era of human existence.  I think a better way to state the phrase would be “Applied Knowledge is Power”.  At Make San Antonio we’re looking to foster innovation, creativity and knowledge.  We will strive to maintain an atmosphere where you can gain knowledge and apply the knowledge you’ve learned in a creative environment, surrounded by enthusiastic and creative people.