Weekend Warrior | Inkodye Obsessed

My love affair with inkodye started when a Darby Smart subscription box came in the mail last fall. I received a sunfold printing kit, and got to work. I’m usually the type of person to botch a craft project at my first attempt so I was dreading what the outcome would be with this project. I was pleasantly surprised when my project, the creation of two sunfold inkodye printed scarves, came out exactly how I hoped they would.

Not familiar with inkodye? Let me explain (or, better yet watch this super helpful video). According to their website, “Inkodye is a range of mixable, water-based, photosensitive dyes that make it easy to print images and patterns onto t-shirts and natural fabrics. Its color develops and binds permanently when exposed to bright sunlight or UV.

Since dipping my toes into the inkodye pool, I’ve become obsessed. I’ve made a crafting tote for my grandma, matching Make San Antonio tees for Greg and I, used some shadow printing techniques with leaves for yet another tee, made even more totes and, most recently tried screen printing with inkodye and inkofilm (working on a special project for our friends at spare parts … more on that soon!)


If you’re in need of a project to tackle this weekend, hit up inkodye‘s website for ideas.