New Year | New Updates from Make San Antonio

Make San Antonians,

We have been busy moving forward with creating a space for makers to call their own. It’s been quite a bit of work but we are starting to see the effort we’re putting into creating Make San Antonio start to come together. Our vision is becoming a reality. Thanks to everyone who has signed up on our website and supported us through social media! We have been building a local buzz and hope makers in and around San Antonio benefit the most from each other and this space.

Our progress so far:

We were in the news! The Rivard Report published an article about how we came together, and where we’re headed. Check out the article, Make San Antonio: building a Community of Makers.

Our team has met with some mentors and investors who have helped reinforce our Make San Antonio model and helped us refine the next steps for the business. We have also started narrowing down possible locations for our makerspace and the field now consists of just a handful of excellent buildings but we’re always open to run suggestions through our list of criteria. Reach out to us if you know of a great space we should consider.

Here’s a sneak peak of a possible build-out of our favorite of these locations: (5,600 sq/ft with 20+ parking spaces located close to downtown)

Here’s what’s coming up next for Make San Antonio:

Thanks again to all those to rushed to our aide and submitted artist proposals during our call-out. If you had not heard, our January 2nd Saturday Art Show at the Lullwood Group was postponed until spring 2015 due to inclement weather but we have regrouped and have some amazing makers signed up to present at our event. We’ll keep you posted on further details!

Also, just in time for Valentine’s Day, look out for our Make San Antonio Membership Drive kicking off in February! We’re going to be giving our first contributors membership perks and exclusive rights to dictate how the Make San Antonio space will look and what type of equipment we should focus on. We’ll be working on a video shoot this Saturday, January 31, interviewing local makers for the membership drive. We provide food and snacks, you provide a few words about your love of making. If you’re a maker, and would love to share your love of making, contact us at, and we’ll share more details.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions, comments or ideas.

Let’s see what we can make together!
Thanks again for all your support.
Make San Antonio Team