#MakerMonday | Make San Antonio Earrings

I’m a fan of bold, handmade goods, especially jewelry. As a grown woman, I’m not ashamed of my love of bright, bold accessories, and homemade wares. In fact, I appreciate the uniqueness of these types of items. Such is the case of one of my favorite necklaces, my black cat eye glasses. This is my go-to necklace for days when I need to look like I’m intellectual.

My MySpace picture posted on Facebook. Circa 2010. 

My MySpace-esque picture posted on Facebook. Circa 2010.

This necklace paired with one of my newest favorite jewelry items, my washi minimalisttriangle_Studs triangle ear studs, from Manue Reynolds of PrettyKiku (who we met during a trip to Austin’s Mini Maker Faire in 2014).   

Both are laser cut, and both are awesome.

Now, this got me thinking … I can attempt to make my own acrylic earrings. As a laser cutting newbie, Greg assisted me a great deal on this first project. I drew up my concept, and he gave me a brief tutorial on CorelDRAW (the design program we use for our laser cut goods). After a few tries at the earrings, I think we nailed it down.

You can’t go wrong with bright orange earrings!

You can’t go wrong with bright orange earrings!

We definitely need to work on the thickness of the ring where the circle enclosure of the earring, as well as figuring out what to do with the dot of the “i” (or, we could experiment with different fonts), but aside from that it looks great. We’ll be adding the revised version of this item, as well as other jewelry, in our soon-to-be-unveiled Etsy shop soon. We’ll keep you updated! Also, don’t forget we’ll be taking custom orders. If you’re iffy on a design, we will be more than happy to assist you with the concept.

Happy Making!

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